The Science Nation is always willing to work with partners to share enthusiasm for science. If you would like to partner please let The Science Nation know by email.

The Science Nation is extremely proud to have the following partners:


The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) is a joint venture between Curtin University and The University of Western Australia with a strong support from the West Australian and Australian governments.

ICRAR are a multi-skilled institute of astronomers, engineers and data specialists working with industry partners throughout Australia, Europe and the world to support the build up of the SKA (Square Kilometre Array) in Australia and expand our understanding of the Universe.

RiAus Logo mono 1238x514RiAus is Australia’s science channel, promoting public awareness and understanding of science. RiAus makes science fun, inspiring and accessible for all Australians. RiAus produces thought provoking and entertaining events, broadcasts and publications as well as education and teacher support programmes for people with little or no scientific background.


Conceived as a model for the library of the future, The Edge, launched by State Library of Queensland in 2010, is at the forefront of re-imagining libraries for the 21st century. With a mandate to empower Queenslanders to explore creativity across art, science, technology, and enterprise, The Edge is a visionary space for ‘creating creatives’; a melting pot of ideas and innovation, capacity-building, experimentation and innovation.