Science Showdown: The Researchers or the Communicators?

The world has just seen one of the biggest, collective efforts scientists have ever made, which resulted in the fastest vaccine in history. However, with the rise of anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theories, and concerns about the vaccine’s record breaking development, is it an even bigger task to convince everyone to take it?

To find out who is more important – the creator or the messenger – the Science Nation is pitting some of Australia’s best scientists and science communicators against each other to duke it out in a comedy debate.

Join the fun in August and celebrate National Science Week by helping decide who is more important: scientists or science communicators. 

Doing battle at the Science Showdown is: the son of a pineapple farmer who loves chocolate and talking science, Dr Rob Bell; social media producer and snack connoisseur, April Chan; astrophysicist and former captain of the Australian ultimate Frisbee team, Prof Tamara Davis; Queensland Chief Scientist, bird watcher and failed mathematician, Prof Hugh Possingham; virologist and avid watcher of Korean variety TV shows, Dr Kirsty Short; and ABC health reporter and climber of plastic rocks, Tegan Taylor.

This Science Nation event is in partnership with Inspiring Australia for National Science Week.

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